Tam Dibley

PhD student
I’m a PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I’m looking at creative environments and events, and considering the ways that learning happens through interactions with materials. I met members of this group in 2018 at a seminar called Anthropology of Geometry, and since then I’ve been involved in a number of projects with them, including Tinkering with Curves.
My current work has developed through a range of creative practices and projects, from ‘tensegrities’ (a type of structure held in a stable formation through the connection of tensile and compressive forces), to fabric bowls (exploring transformations between 2D and 3D through sewing), and my background is in architecture, which enabled me to explore ideas and projects through a variety of creative interactions with materiality.
Since beginning my weaving journey with members of this group and others, I’ve found it fascinating both in the historical and cultural worlds it opens up and in the opportunities for shared experiences and constructive conversations that the acts of weaving allow for.