Plaiting Conversation with Mary Crabb

2nd December 2019

Dear Stephanie, Hillary, Geraldine and Ricardo

I’m sending you a few images and short films of some 3D plaits that I have woven and one that I can’t work out how to weave as a suggestion of something we could maybe explore. I find the way the plait moves is really fascinating.

Best wishes



7th February 2020


…Please could I add some ideas to the proposal.

1) I’d like to explore the 4 element plait or braid that I sent round some time ago. It works well with paper strips but it would be interesting to try it with other materials. It works well with a round material such as rope or string but I think it then becomes a sinnet knot? I’ve also tried working the plait into a ring, but without success as the direction of the plaits does not work.

2) To complement this I’d like to see if anyone knows or can work out how to make a plait I have an example of. The angles in the basic shape are interesting but I haven’t worked out how to weave it.

I find longitudinal plaits/braids  interesting, although I don’t know much about them

Here’s the photos I sent through months ago as a memory jog…

can’t think of anything else at the moment

Best wishes



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