Cone Weaving Drawings

Following on from the initial Cone Weaving Investigations (see post) on day one of the the Ruthin Studio Trials, Ricardo and I were still engrossed by the various activities from the two days, and on a mission to make meaningful progress on drawing the geometric woven cone. It’s great how a problem starts to make sense the more you puzzle over it, and how it occupies your mind when you should be doing something else.

Cone Weaving Investigations

Stephanie had posed a question to the group about how a woven cone might be designed with various heights and slopes. I did not want to work from a template, but was interested to investigate how the template had been designed. In order to understand the problem more clearly, I started by making a series of cone samples, or a cone family.

Online Studio Week 1, 8th July

Online Studio week 1, 8th July, Stephanie’s journal Our first online studio came out of a need, felt by several of the group, to dedicate time to making in a way that legitimated it...